Friday, September 16, 2011

Emmie Lives!!!

Okay, so my friends know I've been on for awhile now about creating a kid avatar.
None of them understand why I would want to do that.  
My friends apparently either had much happier childhoods than my own so they feel no desire to play in childish ways,
or either they had much worse ones and don't want to return, hah!

Well, I wanted to join the SL Goonies club and run about having adventures,
so I finally got around to creating a kid avatar.

I'll put the style card in here later.

I tried almost every cheap (under 200L) avi vendor on Marketplace and
this is the happiest I was with any of the shapes and skins.
Most of the skins have makeup and breasts painted on,
and it sickened me to see that some of the most popular creators
of child avis went in for that. 

This skin that I have on is a PG skin, so never gets naked.

Emmie wants to go outside!
Emmie sulks
I've been looking for some land where I can build a treehouse,
Apparently, I can't be in the vicinity of sexually scripted objects
(no, that's a single-person sit couch and bed in the picture)
and if anyone speaks suggestively to Emmie 
-- and remember, I'm an adult playing her -- 
they can have their accounts perm deleted with no recourse.
So I want to stick with kid-only sims, but boy is it hard to find those.

Yay!  Finally free!
Loving the tire swings
Lots of people become kids because they want to be adopted.
One way I can get land is to go up for adoption into a family unit.
Emmie is not the kind of kid who wants parents around.
She is more like Charlie Brown -- if you even hear them around,
all they are doing is making wah-wha-wha-wha noises.

No adults in Emmie's world if she can help it!

Friends in the playground make it more fun
I'll post more about this one great sim where a couple of these pics were taken as soon as I can get back in to get the landmarks.


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